Universal Command & Control Terminal (CRiB)


The Steatite CRiB is a rugged mobile operations hub, providing a powerful multiscreen workstation platform for rapid deployment in the field.

Packing a powerful i7 processor, 32GB RAM and 512GB of solid state storage the computing power of the CRiB is ideally suited to running high-end situational awareness software applications.

Simultaneously, the CRiB also features an equally-powerful Android computer on which you can deploy your Android .apk files and applications. The CRiB can run both Android and Windows software applications concurrently.

The CRiB features a unique dual screen interface, with an HDMI port providing for a third external screen to be connected. With the simple press of a physical button on the CRiB, the screen layout can be configured to show either Windows, or Android, or a combination of both.

An IP66-rated glove-friendly rugged keyboard and mouse situated in the centre of the CRiB console allows the user to operate both Windows and Android systems directly, alternating between the two via a button press. Additional USB ports on the CRiB allow you to connect external keyboards, mice, and Windows-compatible peripherals.

Incorporating the very latest MANET technology, the CRiB is based around the Persistent Systems Wave Relay family of products. The CRiB can natively connect to a Wave Relay network over RF with no requirement for additional hardware.

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Video Conference Capabilities

With built-in microphone, stereo speakers and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, the CRiB provides comprehensive video conferencing capabilities. The CRiB can also be used for Push-to-Talk voice, allowing for crystal clear communication between multiple talk groups either individually or simultaneously

Display OSD Controls

On-screen display buttons available for each built in sunlight readable monitor allow the brightness and contrast to each display to be adjusted.

Continuous Operation On The Move

Two (2x) hot swappable UN-approved 2590 rechargeable battery packs provide the CRiB with an uninterruptable power supply. This gives the CRiB 588WH of power, providing enough power for a full day’s use on battery alone.

The CRiB seamlessly switches between AC mains power and battery backup with no interruption to the operator. These internal batteries will recharge when connected to an external mains power source, whilst an on-screen fuel gauge provides the user with a quick and easy way to view the available backup power.

The batteries have an operating temperature range of -40°C to +60°C.

I/O Interface

The CRiB features two high-speed USB 3.0 ports for use with all standard USB-compliant devices. An RJ45 Ethernet port provides access to a local area network connection, whilst a second RJ45 Ethernet port can be used to connect the CRiB to a Cloud Relay network.

An additional USB port provides direct access to the Wave Relay hardware contained within the CRiB.

MANET Management

Manage your entire MANET network from the CRiB. Remotely organise your Wave Relay talk groups, network security aspects, video encoder settings, and network management in the field. Thus the CRiB provides an instant viewing terminal for full motion video (FMV), situational awareness and other sensor data.

Rugged Keyboard with integrated mouse tracker

Via a simple button-press, keyboard and mouse control can be alternated between the integrated Windows and Android computers, providing access to both. External mice and keyboards could also be connected to the USB ports if preferred.

Hardware Video Display Controls

The CRiB features two integrated 19-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution sunlight-readable displays. The CRiB provides an additional third display via a HDMI output.

The output to display 2 and display 3 (external HMDI screen) can be set to show the second video output from the CRIB processor board and or the video output from the MPU5 radio with the press of a button, whilst display 1 is fixed to the CRIB processor board prime output.

Display 3 can be used for the purposes of connecting an external projector or display when presenting or conducting a mission brief.

Independent power buttons allow you to disable the Wave Relay and computing capabilities independently of each other.

Integrated Wave Relay MANET Radio

The CRiB features a fully-featured Wave Relay MANET radio allowing the CRiB to natively join active Wave Relay MANET networks. The CRiB has a user-accessible RF module slot into which Wave Relay-compatible RF modules can be installed.

The CRiB can operate in L-Band, S-Band and C-Band RF frequencies with a network throughput over RF of up to 120Mbps.

The CRiB also features a U-283/U 6 pin radio interface to which compatible NATO-standard headsets and/or fist mics can be connected for voice communication. A USB port provides direct access to the Wave Relay hardware for rapid configuration of security keys, firmware updates and transfer of data.

Integrated MANET antennas

The CRiB provides three (3x) RP-TNC connectors for omni-directional RF antennas, and one (1x) SMA connector for a GPS antenna providing the CRiB with integrated geo-location services.

The built in LTE enabled Cisco router, provides the CRiB with an instant reach back to the headquarters as well as providing secure access to enterprise services from across the globe.

Mobile Ad-Hoc Communications Environment Situational Awareness Software

The Mobile AD-HOC Communications Environment (MaCE) application is designed to operate with the Wave Relay® MANET radio and CRiB, providing a flexible dynamic interface for the visualisation, configuration, and control of operational aspects of your MANET network, all from within a single interface.

MaCE’s ability to self-learn the network reduces complexities of adding nodes to the interface and provides a readily accessible overview of your deployed network from the perspective of the operator.

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