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Extend Your Network

Tried and tested in the harshest environments the Wave Relay MANET complements any unmanned system, be it Air, Ground or Maritime. Steatite provides market-leading wireless RF unmanned communication solutions forged through market-leading partnerships to assist all areas of industry.

Unmanned Systems are an ever-growing juggernaut in the commercial, industrial and military world. Utilising the Embedded Module will provide built-in HD video encoding, Ethernet, RS-232 over IP, range extension, and an extremely high throughput Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) around the world.

With a Wave Relay® MANET Smart radio on board, you can replace many systems on your unmanned platform with an Embedded Module or MPU5 radio reducing the size, weight, power, and cost. This, in turn, can lead to increased flight time and release valuable payload to embed other sensors.

The built-in Android system enables your application to install directly onto the radio, transforming a single Smart Radio into a pilot system, fly or drive all your unmanned systems. Your entire fleet of unmanned systems can now operate, communicate and swarm on a common network.

Introducing the Multi-Band Tracking Antenna into your MANET can extend your network by ranges surpassing 200 km whilst maintaining a steady stream of throughout, the data can be utilised for a variety of applications such as full motion video (FMV), communication range extension, sensors, and the ever-growing requirement for resupply drones providing faster and safer supply tasks.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Datalink

An unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with the Wave Relay network as its primary datalink will provide unparalleled throughput, at range the maximum throughput supported by the Wave Relay network is over 100Mbps, whilst the range between two nodes when using the Multi-Band Tracking Antenna can exceed 200km period.

Replace many systems on your unmanned platform with one MPU5 radio and save on size, weight, power and cost. Your Android control application installs directly onto the MPU5 radio enabling a single smart radio to fly all of your unmanned systems.

Your entire fleet of unmanned systems can now operate and communicate on a common network. An RF module can replace the need for separate video encoding capability, video & RF transmitters, computing power and air to ground command and control datalink.

A Wave Relay MANET can also interface with secondary communication platform such as SATCOM or 4G, providing datalink redundancy extending the range of your UAV platform exponentially.

Using the Radio over IP (RoIP) capability of the Wave Relay network allows you to tether together a node with another communication system to allow your UAV to use longer range low bandwidth communication methods when flying beyond the range of the primary Wave Relay network.

Control your UAV over a Wave Relay encrypted network from anywhere in the world. Whilst the Wave Relay MANET can be used on any UAV platform, it is typically best suited to medium altitude long endurance (MALE) platforms classified in the Group 2 and Group 3 categories (Tier II).


Powering your UAV

Steatite has extensive capabilities in design, construction and testing of complex lithium battery packs. We have world-class facilities in the UK and USA dedicated to producing the highest quality battery systems for a range of critical applications, including UAVs and other unmanned systems. Follow the link to learn more about our power system capabilities for UAVs.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) Datalink

Integrate the Wave Relay network directly into your UGV systems. Wave Relay MANET has been specifically designed to operate in RF-challenging environments. UGVs equipped with a datalink can be used for many applications where it may be inconvenient, dangerous, or impossible to have a human operator present.

Generally, the vehicle will have a set of sensors to observe the environment and will either autonomously make decisions about its behaviour or pass the information to a human operator at a different location who will control the vehicle through teleoperation.

When it comes to the command and control of the vehicle, the Wave Relay MANET offers unparalleled performance in the datalink provided between operator and vehicle.

The Wave Relay network can be embedded within your UGV platform to offer the best possible datalink in urban, underground, open field and tunnel environments.

Offering over 100Mbps of data throughput the MPU5 can provide multiple streams of crystal-clear HD video, with plenty of bandwidth available for Command & Control, and payload data.

Utilising the unique interchangeable RF module design from Persistent Systems, MPU5 radios can operate in L-Band, S-Band or C-Band frequencies to ensure that you get best possible performance in virtually all environments.

The Wave Relay network has been tested on remotely operated vehicles operating in tunnels and underground environments which are unreachable by humans. The MIMO capabilities of the radio make best use of RF reflection and refraction to offer superlative performance in these scenarios.

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV)

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) Datalink

Integrate the Wave Relay network directly into your Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) or Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). Wave Relay MANET has been proven to work as a reliable communications platform for unmanned, autonomous or remotely operated vehicles.

As greater levels of autonomy are being explored by USV/ASV manufacturers, the Wave Relay network opens the floodgates on the volume, speed and reliability of data passed between an autonomous vehicle and operator.

The Wave Relay network datalink can be used as a dependable means of Command & Control, whilst concurrently offering a link for payload data, multiple streams of HD video, and situational awareness.

In addition to development of your own maritime solution using the embedded module, Steatite has developed a bespoke mast mount antenna solution. Designed to be installed up a ship’s mast, the Steatite Datalink Repeater has been specifically developed for USV/ASV requirements.

Equipped with a single umbilical cable for both power and data, the Datalink Repeater is a low-maintenance device which can remain permanently mounted on a pole or mast to relay information between the USV/ASV and other vessels or shore stations.

Offering the same 100+ Mbps performance as can be found in all Wave Relay networked products, the Steatite Datalink Repeater is proven to offer the fastest, most reliable secure encrypted link for Command & Control, telemetry, payload data, voice and video.

Tested to operate at ranges up to 40Km and over for shore to ship communication the Steatite Datalink Repeater can be tethered to legacy data communication systems such as SATCOM, 4G/5G, and the Internet, the operating range of the Wave Relay network can be extended to operate worldwide.

UAV and Drone Camera Solutions

To compare the features of our Harrier AF-Zoom cameras and Oriole board cameras and see which one will best suit you, download our “Cameras for UAVs and Gimbals” brochure.

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