Mountable Mobile Communications Unit (MMCU)

Powered by Wave Relay®, the MMCU is a mast mountable communications unit designed for mass scalability. With interchangeable RF modules the MMCU allows you to adapt and select an operational band best suited to your environment and application without replacing your entire radio inventory or redesigning your embedded radio integration.


Designed specifically to cater for the demands of maritime applications, the MMCU is the ideal solution for:

Autonomous Vehicle Control

Mount an MMCU on your remotely operated vessel to control it from a mothership, or from the shore. Precisely designed with ASV applications in mind, the MMCU is a tried and tested solution proven in the real world to meet the demands of autonomous vessel control.

Boarding Operations

Installing the MMCU onto a boarding craft provides a reliable communications backbone between your boarding party and the platform vessel. Wave Relay propagates throughout the pathways of a ship’s interior better than any other radio system, making it ideal for VBSS and ship-boarding operations.

Ship Security

The weather-resistant MMCU is designed to survive the harsh conditions of a permanent outdoor installation in a maritime environment. Securely positioned around a large vessel, the MMCU provides the perfect perimeter system for communication and video.

Border Security

Protect your assets with the MMCU rapid deployment radio. Designed for static deployments, strategically positioned MMCU nodes provide round-the-clock coverage.

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A reliable strategic reach-back

The MMCU is designed to provide a dependable, resilient strategic reach-back solution from a tactical RHIB or team boat to a platform vessel. It also serves to provide a central communications relay for any maritime intercom system. No more hand signals!

Equip your team with Wave Relay MPU5 radios and use the MMCU as the communications reference point through which reach back communication can be transmitted and received.

Simple Pole Clamp Design

The MMCU features a simple adjustable pole clasp design for mounting on masts of varying size. This two-piece solution positions either side of the mast, securely clasping the MMCU to any suitable mounting pole.

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Salt Water Protection

Salt water is harmful to electronics. As salt water comes into contact with electronic circuitry that isn’t designed for such an environment, it will corrode any protection applied to those circuits. Electrical connections will corrode and result in faulty equipment.

The MMCU has been specifically designed from the ground up to operate in a maritime environment. Anti-corrosive connectors and specialized marine paint ensure that the MMCU is able to withstand prolonged use in a salt-water environment.

Frequency Bands

The MMCU has been designed to support the Wave Relay range of common interchangeable RF modules. Using the same RF modules as your MPU5 ensures complete compatibility with your Wave Relay MANET.

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MIMO Connectivity

Every MMCU on a Wave Relay network communicates with each other, forming a true peer-to-peer mobile network with no master node or base station. Freely add and subtract MMCU nodes from the network without losing connectivity or reconfiguring your devices.

The Wave Relay algorithm routes data from node to node on your MANET enabling the network to grow, adapt, and extend as more nodes are added.

Tamper Protection

Protect your unmanned asset and your network from unwanted connections. A singe IP-rated connection provides power and Ethernet over a single cable, providing an additional layer of security.

Connecting an illegitimate piece of equipment to your MMCU means disconnecting the power, ensuring unauthorized access to your MANET network is impossible. In the event that an attempt is made to connect an unauthorized piece of equipment to the MMCU, the power must be disconnected.

Solar Shield Thermal Protection

Mast mounted solutions are designed to operate in all thermal extremes. With summer months getting warmer year or year, mast mounted communication systems are exposed to excess temperatures with no respite.

The MMCU has been thermally tested to ensure it is capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures of constant exposure to the sun. An optional solar shield helps to protect the RF module from the extreme heat, ensuring reliable operation all year round.

Built-in Video Encoder

Stream a live video feed from your autonomous vessel, or provide security camera footage from your fixed installation. The MMCU enables you to encode and stream live audio and video without the need for external hardware encoders by directly connecting HD and SD camera systems via a BNC video input on the underside of the device.

The MMCU encodes and streams H.264 feeds at resolutions ranging from 320×240 to Full HD 1080p30 and 720p60. The on-board hardware accelerated video encoder supports both unicast and multicast UDP streaming in an MPEG-TS transport stream.

The MMCU also provides hardware accelerated H.264 video decoding enabling you to watch up to four video streams simultaneously.

RS232 & USB Ports

Older communication standards such as RS-232 remain a popular data protocol for command and control of autonomous vehicles. The MMCU caters for RS-232 via an IP-rated ODU connector situated on the underside of the radio, ensuring compatibility with legacy control mechanisms.

Modern communication standards such as USB are increasingly replacing RS-232 as the preferred interface for command and control. Situated next to the RS-232 port, the MMCU caters for USB via an IP-rated ODU connector.

Situational Awareness

Keep track of your node position at all times. Featuring a built-in GPS module, the MMCU sports an RF antenna port for use with a 3.3v active GPS antenna. Alternatively, set the MMCU to receive a GPS position from your autonomous vehicle, reducing the need for additional antennas on the vessel.

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