Viasat Data Controllers (VDCs) collaborate seamlessly with all combat net radios, ensuring robust and user-friendly networking capabilities, even in environments with excessive channel noise, unsuitable for voice communication.

Extensive lab and field tests consistently demonstrate that VDCs stand out as the top-performing system, excelling in transmitting data across all tactical radio platforms.


The Viasat Data Controller 550 (VDC-550) enables secure data networking using any combat net radio, linking war fighters on the tactical edge to the Common Operating Picture.

Run net-centric web applications, send error-free data, and employ TCP/IP services over existing radios, even over severely degraded radio channels.


The Viasat Data Controller 850 (VDC-850) enables secure data networking using any combat net radio and handheld computer.

Combat users can quickly connect this Viasat data controller via USB to send notes and files, and run IP applications over tactical radios.

Viasat Email

Viasat eMail software is field-proven to enable efficient and reliable communications over tactical channels, including UHF DAMA/IW SATCOM.

The software is free to Viasat Data Controller users and packs six war fighter communication tools into one package.

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