Wave Relay® Auto-Tracking Antenna System

Multi-Band Tracking Antenna


Delivering high throughput at long ranges, the Auto-Tracking Antenna System from Persistent Systems is a deployable unit that works in concert with the MPU5 radio, keeping constant communication from air to ground.

Long range high throughput communication to manned and unmanned aircraft has never been so simple.

Precision Pointing Accuracy

Utilising an Automatic Heading System, the Multi-Band Tracking Antenna has the ability to self-calibrate before an operation, eliminating the risk of human error and improving tracked precision providing higher accuracy than ever before.

Allowing you and your team to focus on what matters: the mission.

Portable, Rapid Setup

Disassembling into five, easy-to-transport cases, the system can travel with you wherever you go.

Designed for both rapid deployment and ease of use, the Multi-Band Tracking Antenna assembles together in under 15 minutes (with two people).

The system collapses into many, lightweight transport cases for easy portability, allowing you to set the Multi-Band Tracking Antenna anywhere.

Extreme Range & Throughput

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna feeds provide long range and high throughput.

All the MPU5’s MIMO capabilities such as spatial multiplexing, maximal ratio combining, and other diversity transmissions /reception techniques work with the tracking system.

The tracker’s MIMO optimised design provides high bandwidth connectivity to manned and unmanned aircraft at distances further than ever before.

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