Wave Relay® Auto-Tracking Antenna System

Multi-Band Tracking Antenna


Persistent System’s designed the Multi-Band Tracking Antenna for precision, simplicity, and real-world performance.
From the system’s simple carrying cases to its multi-band feed, the Multi-Band Tracking Antenna delivers the distance and throughput required for the mission.

Precision Engineering

Extremely accurate pointing necessitates paying meticulous attention to the tolerances of every component in the system.

Each dish is measured using a laser-based optical inspection equipment to confirm that the parabola is within specifications.

Careful engineering ensures that consumers get the most range and performance feasible.

Easy Assembly

The construction of the 5 ft. parabolic dish is quick and error-free. Keyed petals provide precise alignment. Hand-tightened fasteners let a single person to build the dish in within five minutes.

The fasteners are spring-loaded and captive to each petal, providing swift assembly and no lost hardware. The dish also disassembles swiftly into eight petals for simple transport and storage.

Multi-Band Antenna Feed

The Multi-Band Tracking Antenna has a single 2×2 MIMO feed that spans frequencies in the L-, S-, and C-bands. With this single feed, you can change bands on the Multi-Band Tracking Antenna without changing feeds and use two bands on a single feed.

To offer the performance and throughput necessary for high-gain, long-range communication, both bands operate on the feed’s separate horizontal and vertical polarised inputs.

Rugged Design & Build

Strong winds. Torrential rains. Cold temperatures. Snow that is blinding.

The Multi-Band Tracking Antenna is built to resist the environment while still providing maximum connectivity when it counts. To survive the elements, the parabolic dish and supporting hardware are hard anodized.

The perforated petals lessen the system’s wind load whilst a welded aluminium structure provides stiffness while conserving weight in the petals.

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