VBSS Boarding Team


Deploy. Distribute. Coordinate. Network.

No matter how harsh your operating environment becomes, Steatite can provide you with the tools, applications and solutions to get your work done faster, more consistently and with greater efficiency.

Whether the challenges come from weather, extreme temperatures, or tough work situations, The Wave Relay® Ecosystem is designed to meet the challenge.

Steatite have both the experience and the capabilities to provide a solution within your specific market sector. If your market is not included, we would still be happy to put together a solution that meets with your specific requirements.

Special OPs

Ideally suited for body worn applications, the MPU5 is a Smart Radio that brings voice, video, situational awareness, and powerful computing to the dismounted user in a low size, weight, and power (SWaP) solution. Network your dismount users with land, air, and sea assets to provide a unified operational picture, maximising soldier safety.

Border Security

Broadcast the action from the most challenging locations with the MPU5’s MANET network and go live. The long range, high throughput MIMO radio system combined with industry-leading multi-hop routing capability allows you to capture the action from anywhere.

VBSS Boarding Team

Communications has always been a challenge in the maritime environment. Steatite can offer a complete VBSS communications system, providing operators with crystal clear voice and video as well as situational awareness.

Unmanned Systems

Easily integrate the Wave Relay MANET into your unmanned systems. The MPU5’s fully featured Smart Radio platform provides HD video encoding, Ethernet, RS-232 over IP, extended range, and extremely high throughput.

Emergency Management

Emergency service resources in the UK remain limited and are in constant demand. Rapid response teams often use computer equipment to log and monitor situations in the field, and demand the most reliable and robust equipment in order to do so.

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