Wave Relay® Embedded Module

Embedded Module


The Embedded Module constitutes the world’s most powerful, scalable, and efficient Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) system!

The Embedded Module, now available in a SWaP form size, provides for simple integration into your application by connecting your UAVs, UGVs, and sensors to a single network.

Furthermore, with the inclusion of the on-board Android™ computer, you will eliminate the requirement for redundant network infrastructure, saving both money and time.

Fly Any Drone. Drive Any Robot. Control Any Camera

Introduce your unmanned systems to the Wave Relay® Ecosystem, where all UAVs, UGVs, sensors, and platforms connect over the network. You can now use the MPU5 Radio to control your platforms, check video feeds, and guide your cameras.

Swarming and autonomy are now possible thanks to the establishment of a network of unmanned devices, implying that the sky is no longer the limit.

SWaP-Timise Your Unmanned Systems

The Embedded Module combines the communication, computation, and video subsystems of your unmanned system into a single SWaP-optimized module.

Replace separate and specialised equipment with a single Embedded Module that performs the same activities but uses less power, takes up less space, weighs less, and costs less to integrate in terms of cash and engineering hours. Use your SWaP savings to achieve what is most important: the mission, time on station, and payloads carried.

Transform Your Systems Into A Network

When you include the Embedded Module into your unmanned systems and sensors, you transform them into networked assets. Each system with an Embedded Module expands the Wave Relay MANET, allowing your users to access services on any node from anywhere, such as video or sensor data.

Furthermore, unmanned systems and sensors from many manufacturers may now interact on a single network, providing your goods with more chances to perform.

Swarming & Autonomy

Because the Embedded Module is an Android™ computer, your unmanned systems have their own thinking. Run swarming algorithms directly onboard and maximise cooperation using the peer-to-peer Wave Relay® MANET.

For formation and collision avoidance, programme systems to move into place autonomously using real-time PLI data from each node. Instead of a raw data stream, process sensor data at the source to communicate knowledge in order to use the Embedded Module as a sensor input to drive machine choices without human intervention.

Enter the unmanned systems of the future.

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