Wave Relay® Embedded Module

Embedded Module


Designed To Be Integrated

The inventive engineers at Persistent Systems understand the issues that integrators confront while creating unmanned systems, making us excellent MANET and RF partners.

The team meticulously engineered every part of the Embedded Module to make it the world’s first integration-ready, SWaP-optimized smart radio to keep you ahead of the competition.

Development Kit

Your products performance is paramount wherever it’s deployed, regardless of the RF environment or local spectrum regulations.

The Embedded Module’s Interchangeable Frequency Module allows you to change frequencies as you deploy your systems across the world and throughout a variety of industries.

Additionally, as global spectrum regulations continue to evolve, the Interchangeable Frequency Module can be easily changed to ensure compliance, future-proof your design, and therefore protect your product from obsolescence.

Flexible Configuration

The Embedded Module’s Interchangeable Frequency Architecture delivers high flexibility to your unmanned system’s design.

The Embedded Module and Interchangeable Frequency Module either stack as a single unit or separate and connected by a ribbon cable, allowing focus to stay on the requirements of your platform and building the best product.

Integrate a single hardware configuration into your product, when paired with the applicable Interchangeable Frequency Module, the Embedded Module will meet your customers’ requirements in any market or country.

Multiple Integration Interfaces

The Embedded Module has a comprehensive set of interfaces to connect to any part of your system, allowing you to put every ability of your system – from video cameras to RS-232 serial control – on the Wave Relay® MANET.

The Embedded Module uses commercial off-the-shelf, snap-locking JST connectors designed for secure mating retention and prevention of contact deformation, meaning the connections between the Embedded Module and above all the rest of your system will last through anything.

Pre-Certified For EMI

Unmanned systems are subject to strict EMI/EMC regulations. The Embedded Module arrives pre-certified to MIL-STD-461 RE102 standards.

Because the Embedded Module combines video encoders, transmitters, computers, command & control devices, and more into one platform, you eliminate the need to certify these devices separately.

As a result,  the Embedded Module saves time and money and helps bring your product to market faster.

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