Unmanned Systems & Remotely-Operated Vehicles

Unmanned Communications For Land, Sea & Air

With a proven track record in the field of unmanned platform communication systems, Steatite can help to shape your requirements using our extensive range of solutions. Wave Relay® is already built into every Endeavour Robotics remotely-operated vehicle, Boeing Insitu ScanEagle aircraft, and Martin UAV, with an ever-growing portfolio of other high-profile clients in the field of intelligent robotics.

Our communication solutions bring unmanned vehicles capabilities to the next level by providing actionable intelligence to all consumers of the data securely in real-time, be it in the local operation zone or worldwide over the cloud.

Wave Relay® enables these robotic platforms to work cooperatively with other robotic platforms, manned platforms and dismounted operators simultaneously. GPS denied and RF challenged environments are not an issue for Wave Relay®.

The Wave Relay® embedded module enables Unmanned Systems developers to finally utilise command and control (C2) and multiple video channels all in a single networking platform.

In addition to the data link, Steatite can offer a comprehensive range of antenna options, ground control stations, long-range tracking antenna systems, electro-optics, and modular mission computers to interface with your unmanned solution.

We can go as far as to provide an off-the-shelf tethered or untethered UAV with Wave Relay® already built-in – a ready-to-go extension to your existing Wave Relay® high-speed data network.

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