Dismounted Ground Units

Body Worn. Land, Sea & Air Communications

Bringing enterprise-level services to the battlefield is a key strength of Steatite’s Communications Division offering. In the most demanding land-based missions, the reliable distribution of mission-critical IP-based voice, HD video, and high-speed data with clear and understandable communication is absolutely paramount.

Steatite provides body worn, land, sea, and air communication systems, offering up-to-the-minute data and intelligence to ground commanders, other team members or even HQ whilst in hostile and demanding environments.

Our dismounted communication systems consist of a range of solutions for voice, live streamed body-worn video, situational awareness, bidirectional IP data to and from a range of body-worn computer systems or ‘End-User Devices’ (EUD), biometric sensors, and more. Critically, our communication systems are based on MANET / MESH principles to distribute Intel to all users on the same network – what one dismount can see with a body-worn camera can be shared to all.

An innovative Radio-over-IP (RoIP) feature enables dismounted units to tether together Wave Relay® radio systems with virtually any legacy military radio system, TETRA/ESN radio system, or even Satcom, reducing communication SWaP burdens on the dismount.

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