Air-To-Ground Downlink

High Bandwidth Downlink Solutions

Steatite offers a comprehensive range of high bandwidth downlink solutions to support the most demanding of missions, delivering high definition video and high-speed telemetry and payload data.

Multiple installation options exist for fixed wing, rotary, and UAV, with industry-leading communication technology at its core. Our downlink systems work to combine multiple data transport methods, bridging local area communication, to long-range communication, to BLOS, to UHF Satcom, all in a single seamless network offering reliability, resilience, and redundancy without compromising on performance.

A long-range tracking antenna can maintain reliable air-to-ground voice, video and data communications out to a range of 130 miles. A Steatite-designed downlink is designed from the ground up to outperform the competition, offering the best possible image quality, system flexibility, range and link reliability on an aerial platform.

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