Border Security

Border Protection

Industry-Leading Surveillance Solutions

Working with industry-leading trusted partners, Steatite can deliver a technologically-superior solution for your border protection and surveillance requirements.

With a Steatite communications system as the backbone, we can offer a range of context-sensitive intelligent ground sensors coupled with select products from our portfolio of night vision, thermal, infra-red and PTZ camera systems to provide up to date Intel on the status of your border security.

Data, live video, and voice can be sent and received to and from dismounted and remote units offering full duplex up-to-date intelligence on the current integrity of a border whilst integration with drone detection systems and our unmanned solutions offers additional comprehensive airborne protection.

Our ability to assimilate local area voice, video and data communication with existing internet and 3G/4G infrastructure provide BLOS connectivity, allowing front-line intelligence to be passed securely back to HQ or Government intelligence services.

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