MPU5 Radio

MPU5 Radio


Continuous Connectivity On The Go

Powered by the Wave Relay® MANET, the MPU5 allows distributed and decentralised groups of mobile users to communicate continuously and efficiently without the need for fixed infrastructure or MAC-level timing.

Every MPU5 on a Wave Relay® network communicates with each other, forming a true peer-to-peer mobile network without the need for a master node or base station.

Add or take away MPU5 radios from the network without losing connectivity or having to reconfigure your devices.

Routing data from radio to radio enabling the network to grow, adapt and extend as more MPU5’s are added.

Achieve Faster Speeds At Longer Ranges

Industry-changing RF modules support the MPU5, with up to 10W* of power and 3X3 MIMO technology, allowing the MPU5 to communicate more data further, faster and more reliably than any other MANET system available on the market!

Superior Voice Capability

Wave Relay® MANET technology enables you to maintain continuous voice connectivity as you move around corners and traverse the environment.

Delivering crystal clear Push-to-Talk (PTT) voice over 16 switchable, configurable, and independent talk groups.

Utilising the Opus audio CODEC, the MPU5 integrates with 3rd party radio interoperability systems commonly used in operations centers.

MPU5 LMR Compatible

Put Your LMR Radio’s On The Network

With one simple cable, the MPU5 tethers to your existing Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system and makes it available as a talk group to MPU5’s on the network.

Anyone carrying an MPU5 will be able to speak on all the existing LMR channels.

Multiple LMR radios co-exist with the MANET on the same channel.

Furthermore, every time you key-up the talk-group the current “best” LMR radio is automatically selected to transmit.

Integrated Video Encoder / Decoder

Stream live audio and video without the need for external hardware encoders by connecting HD and SD camera systems via 3G-SDI and Composite video inputs.

Onboard hardware accelerated video encoders support both unicast and multicast UDP streaming in an MPEG-TS transport stream.

The MPU5 hardware decoder enables low latency video streams, meaning resolutions up to Full 1080p HD can stream over the network. Watch up to four video streams simultaneously, allowing you to check your surrounds to increase your protective reach.

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