MPU5 Radio

MPU5 Radio



Multi-functional Connectors

The MPU5 design allows for three low-profile, multi-functional I/O ports, providing connectivity to all of the devices you have out in the field.

You will find the following forms of connectivity on the MPU5:
HDMI Input & Output
Serial RS-232
3G-SDI & Composite

In addition, each connection features integrated short protection, allowing for a safe and seamless transition between submerged and dry environments.

Interchangeable Frequency Module

The MPU5’s modular radio allows you to adapt and select an operational frequency band best suited to your environment without the need of replacing the entire radio. Easily swappable, the MPU5’s modular radio enables efficient user-level maintenance allowing for quick frequency band change to ensure application compliance.

MPU5 Mount

Designed To Be Mounted Anywhere

With three mounting holes on the back of the case, the MPU5 can be easily mounted to vehicles, poles, aircraft, people, cameras, tripods, towers, robots, walls, and racks. Maximise your network performance by securing MPU5’s in locations or vehicles that provide optimal coverage.

The Human Factor

Features such as the status indicator LED and 2-handed key-zero allow you to do what you want without your equipment getting in the way. The MPU5 was designed to fit perfectly into your kit or to be mounted easily on a vehicle or tower.

No matter what your requirements are, the MPU5 has been designed to exceed them.

Product Interoperability For A Seamless Transition

The MPU5 is inter-operable with other Wave Relay equipment, such as the MPU3, MPU4, and Quad Radio Router. Therefore, any radios that you already have will continue to remain useful and not become obsolete.

Furthermore, all of your other Wave Relay radios can communicate with MPU5’s at longer ranges by leveraging the MPU5’s increased transmit power and maximal ratio combining.

Power To Accomplish More Than Ever

Supplied with a 6.8 Amp Hour battery, the MPU5 remains operational for up to 12 hours on a single charge. Replace the battery within seconds, the MPU5 holds all configuration and crypto settings for up to 30 days without power.

Stationed users can plug the MPU5 directly into a standard wall outlet using battery eliminators for continuous, uninterrupted power.

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