Integrated Antenna Series



Multi-functional Connectors

Persistent Systems’ engineering team designed the Integrated Antennas to eliminate the pains of tower antenna installations without sacrificing antenna performance. Because the Integrated Antennas are built around the proven capability of the Wave Relay® MANET, they deliver reliable performance and capability in a form factor that is easy to install and maintain – permanently or temporarily.

Simple Mounting Brackets

Mount Integrated Antennas in less than five minutes. Mounting brackets accommodate pole diameters up to 2 in. (Sector) and up to 3 in. (Directional) and use standard fasteners that require no specialised tools.

Easy To Point

Multi-angle pointing arm allows you to fine tune the Integrated Directional Antenna for accurate and precise links – then lock it in place.

Adjustable Downtilt

The simple bracket allows you to adjust the down-tilt of the Integrated Sector Antenna to provide complete coverage over the area below.

Single Connector Solution

Each integrated antenna has one connector for both power and data, allowing you to run a single cable up the tower for both, simplifying installation and allowing you to adjust radio configuration from the ground without climbing the tower.

Designed For MIMO

The Integrated Sector Antennas are designed with vertical and 45° slant left/right polarisations with over 30 dB of port-to-port isolation to provide the most reliable and long-range performance with our MIMO technology.

Flexible Mounting Locations

The Integrated Antenna requires no external RF cabling so you can mount Integrated Antennas in locations that optimally mitigate interference.

Previously, sector and directional antennas needed to be mounted in ways to minimise RF cable length when connecting the antenna to the radio.

With the Integrated Antenna, there is no need to connect cables to a radio – the radio is built in.

Designed For The Future

Each Integrated Antenna is an Android™ computer, giving you the ability to process sensor data close to the source without congesting your backhaul with large amounts of raw data. As sensor systems continue to become more complex, use Integrated Antennas as a force multiplier to enhance collaborative behavior between them.

Power To Accomplish More Than Ever

We designed the Integrated Antenna to function in the harshest of temperatures and weather conditions.

A single IP66 connector minimises potential pathways for water ingress and means you don’t have to worry about leaks – even without taping around the connector.

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