Rugged Display & Controller For Developers


Now you have the freedom to build apps that are optimised for the warfighter.

Enable faster navigation with hot-keys and buttons along with precise control and operation of your products.

With the Rugged Display & Controller, joysticks and shortcuts have been designed for the complexity of the battlefield.


Multiple Inputs For Maximum Capability

More inputs than standard EUDs – all accessible via Android™ – provide more ways to operate your app.

Standard gamepad buttons, four shoulder buttons, and a modifier key (fn) give you 16 discrete actions to build into your app.

Two 2-axis joysticks give you intuitive directional controls, and the multi-touch screen gives you the capabilities end-users expect from apps.

Regular apps can be modified to take full advantage of the buttons and joysticks for users who wear gloves when operating – touch screen is not always optimal.

Develop for the Rugged Display & Controller and make your apps work in the field without adaption.


Tactical Apps Built For Action

Eight high-precision integrated sensors let you design Android™ apps that incorporate motion, orientation, and environmental conditions.

The Rugged Display & Controller contains Motion Sensors, Environmental Sensors, and Position Sensors, including the MPU5’s GPS receiver, integrate with the Android Sensor Framework.

Leverage standard Android APIs to gain access to the sensor data.

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