Two Port Radio over IP (RoIP) Gateway for Mission Critical Operations

Push-to-Talk radios are effective in communicating in the deployed environments, but extending those radio transmissions back over Beyond Line-of-Sight bearers to dislocated headquarters elements is one of the challenges faced in the deployable communications space.

CISTECH Solutions has been designing and manufacturing radio gateways in Australia for over a decade, bridging tactical networks as well as providing network extensibility through IP interfaces. CISTECH’s GV1 radio gateways are designed with simplicity and reliability in mind. 

The GV1-2020 Two Port Radio Gateway is designed for deployable communications in mission critical environments.

Connect two disparate voice networks and extend those networks back into the enterprise, all in a single deployable chassis. The simple handset can control, communicate and configure the GV1-2020 in the palm of your hand.

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