Wave Relay® Dual PTT

Dual Push-To-Talk (PTT)


Designed To Be Worn In Combat

Persistent Systems designed the Dual Push To Talk (PTT) to seamlessly integrate into your tactical kit.

From its small, lightweight design to its ergonomic, streamlined cabling, the Dual PTT is designed to be worn in combat.

Lightweight For Lower Burden

Persistent’s team of engineers designed the Dual Push To Talk (PTT) to be as small and lightweight as possible to reduce its burden on your kit.

Weighing less than half of competing devices, the Dual PTT further minimises kit weight by requiring no extra power source beyond the MPU5 radio.

Headset Compatibility

The Dual Push To Talk (PTT) headset port allows for connection to various headsets, from tactical headsets for military operations to commercial earbuds for low-profile missions.

Connect the appropriate adapter cable to the Dual PTT and connect your preferred headset.

Wave Relay® Dual Push To Talk (PTT) Headphone Support

MPU5 Powered

The Dual Push To Talk (PTT) receives all required power from the MPU5, therefore, no extra batteries required.

Never worry about your PTT running out of power in the middle of a mission.

The Dual PTT also passes power through the USB port to power/charge an End User Device.

Also, the 5V 2A power pass-through ensures that your phone or tablet are always charged.

Integrated Audio Encoding

Teams using the  Dual PTT Device will hear each other more clearly than ever before.

High-Quality Audio Encoding ensures that every syllable comes through and is understood.

Because reliable communication is critical to mission success, Persistent’s team of engineers has designed the Dual PTT to hit that target.

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